I bought it today. It’s excellent. Such a great reminder that there are really only two things you need to have a healthy life style: the first is to get a handle on the basic science of it all which this book does. And the second is to recognize your own personal agency and love yourself enough to take control of what you eat and how you move. Thanks Izzy for such a simple roadmap to wellness.
— Leslie R, Ottawa
This is such a great book! Izzy has made this so easy to follow. Downloaded to my phone: I have it with me at all times means grocery shopping is easy; my printed copy: kept in the kitchen. Added evening walks to the mix and the first week I lost 4.5 pounds but more importantly I am feeling energized and sleeping better. I’m confident this is the guide that will get my weight back to where I want it and a much better way of fueling my body. Thank you so much Izzy Camilleri for all your skills compiling this in an easy to read and comprehend book. Love this book, and love you!
— Janice K, Burlington
I began reading the book and thought, yes, I know all this already. I just don’t have the will power. Then, I got to the ah ha! moment. One of the biggest ah ha! moments of my life. It makes so much sense I will be able to stick to it for the rest of my life. Thanks so much for the fun of the discovery as well as the well presented information! Eat well!
— Bob K. Toronto
It is so awesome and easy to follow and instills such a way to implement the best choices to a healthy life style that works for you. So it is not a diet book, it is about making the choices that fit you best and your lifestyle. A win! Win!!! I got it and Wow! Just so amazing and great insight to how simple and easy we can all take care of our bodies and feel good! Right from the beginning of ready the book, I could so relate to the introduction page, as it so is how my life is. I was ready for a change, but we all know how hard that is to do and to stick to. So by seeing and reading that in your book put me right at ease, and empowered me to say I Can Do This! Thank you Izzy for giving me the tools and knowledge to be good to myself and know I’m worth it. Treating our bodies like a temple will help with all aspects of our life. Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. Thank you again Izzy.
— Barbara A, Cambridge, ON
Hi Izzy, I just wanted to let you know that I bought your book early this week. I’m so glad that I tuned in to CBC. Your book was just the answer that I needed. I am 4’10” and quite obese. I didn’t feel good in my body. I wanted to eat well but with my commute to and from work and tending to the kids, I just didn’t have the time. When I read your book and understood the type of foods that will benefit my body and incorporate them into groups that makes it so simple to follow, I just about cried. I ate the foods, and I never felt so light. Although I know that I haven’t lost weight, yet I already feel like I did. And because I felt so light, I decided to start running and realized how much I enjoyed it. Thank you.... You saved me a lot of $$$ because before your book I was really considering getting a gastric bypass surgery!!
— Fran D, Oshawa
As a person that was always under weight, I could never comprehend the idea of being overweight. I was a smoker for years and when I was hungry I would automatically reach for a cigarette instead of something to eat. This bad habit lasted through my teens and most of my adult life. When I finally quit smoking almost 9 years ago, I noticed I watched my body change. Fast forward to today and I’m not comfortable with my weight, approximately 20 pounds I would like to lose, and go in spurts of eating super healthy to eating far too many chocolate chip cookies. Honestly, I’m struggling. When Izzy’s book came out I purchased it and downloaded it immediately, hoping that I might find the answers I’ve been looking for. I did! I was ready to start again and this book is perfect for me. I keep a copy of it on my phone as a guideline and something to reach for, instead of that cookie that’s calling my name! My goal is to lose that weight, in a healthy way and pace, walk my dog more often and be really happy when I look at my grocery cart! Thanks, Izzy!
— Lisa M, Toronto
I have really enjoyed reading your book Izzy. It’s easy reading, very thorough- and you thought of everything. Our body is a precious thing that we need to take care of. Eating is the one most important thing we do to survive, but eating all the right foods so our body uses it for the good of our skin, brain, bones and hair, is important and its everything we care about everyday when were getting ready for the day. I am a gym fanatic, and always trying to improve my eating habits. Your plan fits the bill. Everyone should read your book and they can get an understanding about enjoying their food and feeling the best they ever did. Great job! All the best to you!
— Marie C, PEI
I downloaded and read it. As someone who runs and cycles long distance, I take food and fitness very seriously. Your easy guide through and simple rules for things in moderation is a great mantra for not only eating, staying fit but also for day to day life. I particularly loved the reminder to get enough sleep, hydrate. Its simple and well done, personally authentic, easy to follow, rewarding. Great on you. People admire and respect you and it serves as a beautiful reminder to love the skin we are in.and love the body we have. Thanks Izzy Camilleri this is life precious.
I know the weight struggle , the self loathing, the pics of super fit days. but this is real and relevant and needs to be put out there.
— Karyn R, Toronto
Just bought and downloaded your book! Outstandingly simple and effective! Great work!
— Anne B, Toronto