Canadian Fashion Designer, Izzy Camilleri, never sits still.  Those who know her, know she’s always working on new projects, whether it’s working on a new fashion collection, creating wardrobes for A-list celebrities and musicians, or participating in charitable work and simply being an inspiration to those around her. 

With Izzy’s personal focus centering on inner beauty and good health, her latest endeavour is a product of personal experiences motivated by a desire to improve present and future generations… one healthy, balanced meal at a time.  As an entrepreneur, and mom of 2, Izzy knows the challenges of trying to eat well in a fast-paced, busy lifestyle.  Through her own dieting experiences and day-to-day obstacles, she has created a simple to follow eating plan using everyday foods from your local grocery store.  An eating plan so simple, anyone can follow it… for the rest of their life. 

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or improve your overall health, sit back and enjoy the friendly, simplistic read of Izzy’s Eating Plan, as you learn how to look at food differently, and what it means to eat with intention.  Let Izzy show you how to use certain foods to target and improve specific areas of your body.  Learn how our bodies gain weight and how we lose it.  And most importantly, gain the skills to maintain your ideal body weight and feel healthy for the rest of your life!


Home page photo: Chris Chapman